Family owned & Operated with the customer in mind.
You're not just a customer to us you are a part of our family. Service & Quality are not expensive they're priceless.

Welcome to Bella Vista Optics

The ART of frame selection, the SCIENCE of vision correction, and the ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY of the 21st century all come together to create the perfect pair of eyeglasses at BELLA VISTA OPTICS.

Since 1989 BELLA VISTA OPTICS has become synonymous with FASHION and QUALITY across all of New York. We have been servicing the Bronx Community for over 25 years. We are especially proud of the select designers and manufacturers that we represent, with many styles exclusively ours… and yours!

Whether you choose EYEGLASSES, SUNGLASSES, or CONTACT LENSES, proper vision health begins with regular eye examinations. BELLA VISTA OPTICS encourages all patients to see their eye doctor, or our optometrists annually. We do offer complete eye examinations and many insurance plans will cover all or part of the expense.

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It takes skill to make the perferct pair of glasses, Watch this video. ...

Wow. I bet you didn't know all this went into making you're iconic 50's Glasses #Vintage #Glasses #Fashion #TheFifties #Technology

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